Cremation Urns

Cremation urns come in all shapes, sizes and styles. We carry a wide choice from simple to extravagant and highly unique. Our staff of professionals can help you with selection or simply show you the options and let you take your time to decide. In addition to the urns we have on display, we also have an extensive catalogue of special order items available.

Legacy Touch

Legacy Touch is a company that specializes in unique memorials that are individualized by your loved one’s fingerprint. Our staff gathers the information at the time of death and then the family is given a PIN number, unique to their loved one. They can, at their liesure, and at any time in the future, go on-line and order a multitude of mementoes or gift items. These make the perfect items of remembrance for Christmas gifts or “Thank You” gifts. Learn more at

Crescent Memorials

Crescent offers a beautiful and unique way to memorialize a loved one after cremation. We take some of the ashes or “cremains” and they are incorporated into a beautiful, one of a kind glass sculpture. Beautiful and complimentary in any setting, they can be displayed in your home or office as a work of art. Our staff will be happy to help you secure this lasting and highly unique memorial.