In Memory of

Jean F. Antico

March 10, 1925 - June 15, 2022


Mom always was a New Yorker. She loved the city where she was born, raised, married and had her children. Even though she didn’t live there any longer, it always was home to her.

Mom was a depression era child and she carried the frugality in which she was raised throughout her life, even when she didn’t have to. And yet, it was never an issue for her. Mom never wanted anything for herself. The most important part of Mom’s life was her family. She wanted her children and husband to have the things they needed and wanted. Mom was totally unselfish, loving and caring.

She and her husband, and father to their children Joe, were married 65 years. After he died she moved to JKV, met Frank and they married in September 2016. Mom loved Frank and they had a happy life together; he was her rock. Then dementia set in. Slowly it started to make life more difficult, but she felt safe with Frank by her side. And he kept by her side. He was devoted to her.

Mom was famous for her meatballs. Someone once said, “if Jean asks you to come and have meatballs, I don’t care where you are, who you’re with or what you’re doing; GO!” She loved feeding her family and friends and having loved ones around. Mangia, mangia she would say, calling us to the table.

Mom would have been a great accountant. She was very precise, not only in her everyday life, but with managing the dollars. Mom kept detailed ledgers of every penny earned and spent. It was really amazing to see those years of ledgers.

We always celebrated Mom’s birthday on March 6. Funny story. When Mom and Frank got married, Frank needed a copy of her birth certificate for insurance purposes. Surprise! She was born on March 10. However, her baptismal certificate had March 6. How could she have been baptized before she was born?! I guess the baptismal certificate was more important to a Catholic family than the birth certificate.

Mom loved champagne and chocolate! She would get the cutest expression when offered either and enjoyed every morsel and sip. She was excited to move to JKV. She never sat around feeling sorry for herself during her widowhood. She got out and met new friends and enjoyed playing Bridge and poker.

The silver lining for this is that she never knew her oldest son, John, died before she did, in December 2021. He, along with her Mother, Father, Sister Ann, Brother Anthony (who died before she was born), Husband, Joe, are all together now.

My brother Tony, Mom’s husband Frank, and I, her daughter Laura, are grateful we had her in our lives. We will miss her smile, laughter, sometimes giggles and her heart. She wanted us to be safe and well, and we always had to reassure her we were.

We love you, Mom and will miss you terribly


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Dear Laura,
What a joy it was to have known your mother. She was funny, kind and did make the best meatballs in the world. She will definitely be missed!

As you know I never met your Mom but from what you have told me she sounds like she was a warm and loving person.

Laura, that was a beautiful tribute to your mother. She was a wonderful lady!
John and Jane Tepper

I was lucky enough to have your mom’s meatballs! I stopped to see them in Dallas one time and she made spaghetti and meatballs. When I left, she made me two meatball sandwiches and wrapped them in waxed paper. They were so delicious! Your mom was such a wonderful person and I am lucky to have known her.

That is the most beautiful obituary I have ever read. ❤️ I might add that Jean was a liberal minded, deep thinking person. I loved her for that and I loved her Sicilian cookies!!

My husband, Tom, and I were thrilled when my step-dad, Frank Anderson, meet your mom. They were so good together, and up to that point Frank, who had been a widower for awhile, was very lonesome. They hit it off from day 1, from what I understand.
Even before we met Jean we talked with her on the phone. It was like talking to someone we had known for years, a delight in every way.
When we made our next trip to Kansas City (from where we live in Wisconsin) we had an opportunity to meet her face to face, and of course, have those fabulous meat balls.
A beautiful, wonderful woman who will be missed by many….

Sandy and Tom Abraham


Langsford Funeral Home
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Langsford Funeral Home
115 SW 3rd St
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063